Introduction to Sexual Market Value


James Parker

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Sexual Market Value is the topic that capture everyone's attention but it's rarely discussed openly.

In this post, we'll understand what it is, why it matters, and how it influences our relationships.

Understanding Sexual Market Value

Sexual Market Value (SMV) is a term that measures one's attractiveness to the opposite sex. It’s the the sum of looks, status, social skills, personal qualities, fitness indicators, and any external resources. In essence, your SMV is a measure of your dating power.

Is SMV real?

The truth about Sexual Market Value (SMV) is widely recognized.

People with high SMV are well aware of its existence and impact. They have experienced its benefits throughout their lives.

Individuals with lower SMV understand this reality, too. They have often faced the harsher side of this dynamic.

Let's look at how marketplaces work.

When we are shopping, we look for the best products we can buy with our money.

When hiring someone for a job, we are searching for most qualified candidates.

In the same way, when it comes to dating, people usually want to go out with the most attractive person they can find. This basic human tendency reflects a universal desire for 'the best' within our reach.

Your SMV Depends on Your Gender

The first thing we need to look at is gender. This is important because how attractive you seem to others, is very different for men and women.

For women, the main factor is physical beauty - your figure, curves, facial symmetry, hair, skin, etc. While other traits like personality and humor still matter, they often become more important as the relationship develops.

For men, there is no single factor that determines SMV. It's a mix of various qualities. One man's appeal might come mainly from his physique, sense of humor, and listening skills. Another could find success with charisma, intelligence, and his prowess in the bedroom. This variability means that no two men have the exact same SMV formula.

Short-Term SMV


In short-term relationships or casual encounters, a man's looks are important. But it's not just about physical appearance. It's also about game. This includes conversation techniques, personal style, body language, and the ability to connect with others. Think of looks as the raw product and game as the marketing strategy that presents it.


For women, short-term SMV mainly depends on physical appearance, but the game also plays a role. A woman's game can either enhance her physical attributes or compensate for them. This includes how she presents herself, her conversational skills, and her ability to create a captivating presence.

Sexual Market Value (Short-Term)

Long-Term SMV


When it comes to settling down, the criteria for male SMV become more extensive. Women looking for long-term partners tend to consider a wide range of traits. Everything counts, from personality to resources, intelligence to emotional maturity. In the long term, it's about a well-rounded package.


When it comes to long-term dating, men also screen harder and look more at the overall package. In long-term relationships, faithfulness becomes paramount. Men seek a reliable partner for family life.

Sexual Market Value (Long-Term)

Role of age in SMV

Your SMV peaks at a certain point in your life and then declines.

For women, the peak typically occurs between 20 and 25 years old. This is when they experience the most attention from men.

In contrast, men usually reach their SMV peak a bit later, from mid to late 30s, when they reach social and professional maturity.

The decline in SMV also varies. Women tend to experience a more rapid decrease in SMV after their peak years. For men, this decline is generally more gradual.

Of course, there are incredibly hot 50-year-old women, and there are plenty of 35-year-old men that nobody wants to touch. But as a general tendency, it holds.

The chart below shows the hypothetical movement of Sexual market value between genders.

Sexual market value by Age

Understanding SMV helps navigate the complex dating world and form more meaningful connections.

 Now, I'd like to hear from you. Do you think age plays an essential role in SMV? Share your opinion in the comments below.