Is Money Actually Important?


Mia Watts

5 min read

When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is - Oscar Wylde.

Money changed its form many times, and today it plays a key role in our everyday lives. First of all, we need it to fulfill our basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. This is obvious, so we won't go into details here.


Money gains more importance when it comes to health. To stay healthy, you need to consume nutritious food, do regular check-ups with doctors, take high-quality medications, exercise, and manage stress. Without money, it is difficult to fulfill these requirements. Rich people are usually much healthier than poor ones, and live 10-15 years longer.

Life expectancy of rich and poor


Any reasonable person thinks about the future, and the future is linked to education. Getting a quality education depends on financial resources. E.g you need to hire a skilled teacher, get a good computer, and access good learning materials. Without these, the learning process can be severely compromised.

Who earns a college degree

As a 2013 study showed, rich children are 77% likely to receive a quality college education. For the poor, this figure is only 9%.


Let's take a look at the expenses a typical person has: mortgage, food, transportation, taxes, education, insurance, and so on...

Monthly household expense

To cover these expenses, people spend a large part of their life working. Money not only relieves us of this obligation but also provides us with the opportunity to make life decisions freely.


Finally, It is worth mentioning that happiness is easier achieved with money. It gives you the opportunity to help others, improve their lives, do charity, and live in a comfortable environment.

Life Satisfaction vs Income